JUL-668 Experience the feeling of climax thanks to her brother-in-law Ririko Kinoshita

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    JUL-668 NGR - Flowing A Wife Who First Tasted What It Is Like To Climax After Being Fucked By Her Brother-in-law - Ririko Kinoshita is a beautiful woman, she has a husband however since getting married Now Ririko has never known what it feels like to climax because her husband is too weak. Every night he just takes a few sips and then spits. Ririko is very sad but doesn't know who to confide in. Then one day, her husband's brother returned from traveling around the city for a while. With his many years of experience fucking girls, he looked at Ririko and immediately knew that his sister-in-law was extremely needy. So he ordered some adult toys from Shopee for his sister-in-law, however when she saw those things Ririko was extremely shy as if she had never used those things. Knowing this, his brother used his own real tree along with his battle skills of over 50 years to help Ririko, making her experience the feeling of orgasm for the first time... .
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